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Log Cabin Orchard

is NOW CLOSED for the 2019 season

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Mouth Watering Homegrown Apples —
Tasty, Juicy and Crisp

The tang and goodness of a fresh country apple is just a short drive from the city.

Snuggled on a quiet country road, amid acres of apple orchards and berry fields sits the 170-year-old restored log cabin that is the namesake of the Log Cabin Orchard. This year-round attraction, one of the few remaining apple orchards or U-pick orchards around Ottawa, is only about 5 minutes from the Ottawa Airport and Rideau Carleton Race Track and Slots.

Open year round with apple season, pumpkin season, Christmas baking and crafts, home made frozen meals, jams & jellies and more! Some of the best apple picking Ottawa has to offer!

Picked Daily

apple orchard red cortland appleYou won’t find apples this fresh in those big chain stores — we pick them daily. Or take a ride in the wagon to pick your own. We're also a pick your own apples orchard!

As summer fades, the action heats up with the start of our spectacular apple season. Pick Your Own, or buy fresh picked apple orchard apples in the Log Cabin, all the way through November. You'll find MacIntosh, Novo Mac, Paula Red and Cortland.

We also offer pumpkins galore, fresh Apple Cider, Yazmin’s Bakery with fresh-baked apple pies, apple-caramel cheescakes, apple cake, applesauce and candy apples.

Bring your camera, take a hay-ride through the apple orchard on the weekends, enter pictures of the kids in our photo contest!

A great place for family fun and activities (well mannered dogs on leash are welcome.)

Families make it an annual event to visit our Ottawa apple orchard for apple picking, sample the apples and baking and tour the farm.

Pick out your Halloween pumpkin

Come with the kids and pick the perfect pumpkin ready for spooky carving!

Why not bring your family out for an apple orchard tour and get some fresh air and country goodness.

Closed for the 2019 season

We hope to see you in Sept 2020



apple season and pumpkins

Five Reasons To Eat A Fresh Picked Apple Every Day

Your Diet — Apples are the perfect, portable snack: great tasting, energy-boosting, and free of fat.

Your Heart — Research confirms it! The antioxidant phytonutrients found in apples help fight the damaging effects of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Your Digestion — Just one apple provides as much dietary fiber as a serving of bran cereal. (That's about one-fifth of the recommended daily intake of fiber.)

Your Lungs — An apple a day strengthens lung function and can lower the incidence of lung cancer, as well.

Your Bones — Apples contain the essential trace element, boron, which has been shown to strengthen bones - a good defense against osteoporosis.

And fresh apples from a local Ottawa apple picking orchard are the best apples.