Closed for the season 2021

Re-opening end of August for apple picking.

 Cash only

 Map 6121 Cabin Rd. Osgoode ON (20 min South of Ottawa)


Fresh, Juicy and Delicious Apples

Ready at Log Cabin Orchard for pick-your-own or pre-picked

Come early for best selection...

Different Apple Varieties throughout the season, starting in September and depending on mother nature.

All apple varieties picking dates are estimates weather permitting.


McIntosh Apples.

mac applePicking dates mid to end of September. For those that covet our tart  McIntosh early September is prime picking. Our Macs have been said to taste like no other McIntosh in the area!!! In high demand by our customers and the pride of Log Cabin apple orchard.

Nova Mac Apples.

nova macMid SeptemberFrom the McIntosh family, cherry red color, super sweet, the kids love them in their lunches.

Paula Red Apples.

paula redPicking date middle of August to mid September, will keep for a month in cold storage, Paula red is the first apple offering at Log Cabin Orchard. It has become a perennial favorite of many of our farms visitors, a red juicy crunchy early season apple that burst with flavors, Great for fresh eating and in making pies and other delectables.

Cortland Apples.

cortlandLate September early October. Will keep until February/March. No other apple can match a fresh Cortland right off the tree. Not only fantastic for its desserts quality but great in pies and salads.

Lobo Apples.

loboPicking dates are early September. Will keep a couple of months in cold storage. Oh baby, what an apple! Highly prized by our French Canadian customers who truly appreciate its tart sweetness and size.

Liberty Apples.

liberty appleLate September. Fabulous for fresh eating, juice and sauce, this crunchy, mildly tart apple.

Apples are the perfect, portable snack: great tasting, energy-boosting, and free of fat.